Fashion, perhaps more than most industries, is constantly changing. If you want to build a career in apparel design and manufacturing, you need to stay on top of those changes. Witness the shrinking of the top end of the industry as described by Vogue. “Haute Couture Fashion Week was once a sacred institution reserved for […]
“The next generation of retail apparel leaders will not be experts in fashion. They will focus more on data and supply chains.” Read that again! While you certainly need to know fashion, and how it creates a visual story that will appeal to your target consumer, if you want to work in the industry, you […]
Landing that first job in fashion is the key to the rest of your career. As this article makes clear, there are three big things you need to be working on right now: brushing up your skills, networking, and getting your name in front of the right people. Your portfolio is a big part of […]
The Fashion Scholarship Fund, based in New York City, has been helping designers in the fashion industry get ahead for 80 years. Its mission? To encourage gifted and enterprising young people and to mentor them to pursue careers in design, merchandising, retailing, and business. The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) seeks to identify and create […]
As in many other businesses, the fashion industry is consolidating, and two of the biggest players are Wal-mart and Amazon. What does that mean for your career? Probably some good things, since large companies give you the opportunity to try out many different jobs and work with a wide variety of brands. And of course, […]
Fashion brands are scrambling to figure out how to connect authentically with their customers in a wired world where no one wants to shop at the mall anymore. Rebecca and Ari Minkoff are showing the way: be in close communication with your fans and let them tell you what they want. The Minkoffs broke out […]
Your older brother or sister may have gotten their first fashion job at the local mall, working the sales floor and folding sweaters at a store like The Gap. Those days, increasingly, are gone as buyers move online and brick-and-mortar stores close their doors. What’s a budding fashionista to do? Brush up your social media […]
“Fast fashion” used to mean six weeks from catwalk to shop floor. That is oh-so 2014. Today, companies like Boohoo are turning things around in a couple of weeks. The shift to online retail and the spread of fashion images on social media are fueling this trend to lightning-swift fashion cycles. Mall-based stores can’t keep […]
“As of the end of April, Amazon had nearly 450 jobs with the word fashion in the title or prominently in the description posted on its careers page.” That astounding statistic from spring 2017 tells an important story about how fashion retailing is changing. Now more than ever, it is important that you brush up […]
The one thing online fashion retailing struggles with is “fit”: how is this piece of clothing going to look on MY body? Here’s another attempt to solve the problem — augmented reality. Wear 4+D allows the shopper to see a 4-dimensional view of the clothing on their app. It’s another step toward the “see, try, […]