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The prominence of women in the sports industry is greater than it has ever been.  However, there is still more progress to be made in terms of equality in the field.  A fascinating conference took place in Colorado Springs on the Campus of Colorado State University that included a panel discussion with several female executives from […]
The Dallas Cowboys have officially released quarterback Tony Romo, who will become the lead NFL analyst for CBS, it was announced Tuesday. “We wish Tony and his family nothing but the best,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. “As an organization, we did what he asked us to do in terms of his release, and we […]
March Madness is a very popular tradition in many offices and workplaces. So much so that people wager big money on who can create the best bracket. There have even been copycats on everything from which television shows will get more views to which Broadway musical is the favorite. As March Madness is about to […]
Here are three people who have three vastly different titles, but they all have one thing that threads them together:  They are all sports fans, who entered the sports industry They represent three digital platforms that are rising to the occasion of bringing in fans and keeping them connected: the Golden State Warriors, Major League Soccer, […]
So many people look back fondly (and not so fondly) on their times as interns.  I have been an intern so many times and have quite a few interesting stories to share – but that’s for another time. I interned at WFAN in 1994, and the guy who runs it is the father of Mike […]
If Orange is the New Black, then Podcasts are the New Blogs.  Students today have the unique opportunity to utilize technology to create their own content, and hone their crafts. Blogs could be about anything, and range far from the journalism mentality.  People found a way to express themselves…usually by writing. But people have moved […]
Ecommerce is going to be one of the biggest and fastest growing careers in the future. It is, simply put, the place where most of us are going to end up at some point. Whether you were an English major, a math major, a marketing major, or didn’t go to college at all yet, it […]
One of the biggest things that people have a problem with when they graduate college and move onto a professional career is making strategic decisions. There are a lot of reasons why we seem to have problems making these decisions, but instead of focusing on those, you should focus on how you can learn to […]