The major shift since the 1980’s in garment production is starting to reverse itself. Consumers are starting to value locally made fashion based on ethical employment and environmental policies. Here are a couple of designers who have found way into the industry through that doorway. If you’re thinking about starting a fashion business, you might […]
We all know that online shopping is the wave of the future. Bricks-and-mortar clothing retailers have had a hard time keeping up for two big reasons: returns and fit. Those are two sides of the same coin; people don’t like to order online when they can’t try things on. And if they do, the clothing […]
For Isuru, fashion isn’t just a way to make money or express himself — it is an all-encompassing passion. Even more importantly, he sees the fashion industry as a challenge to be conquered. Check out this interview with The Sunday Leader to see what else he has to say about being an “outsider” in the […]
  Designer Rachel Roy has forged a spot in Hollywood all for herself – she’s mastered the art of digital media and social engagement. After a recent move to LA, she’s doubled down on her efforts to continue branding herself and her work. Read this interview with the LA Times to see how she thinks […]