The word “sports” has a well-defined meaning both in a Webster’s way, but also to the people who enjoy it. The games, the competition, and the challenge have captured hearts and souls for generations. A die-hard fan can be seen a mile away. But with so many things changing in the world, it makes sense […]
The Dallas Cowboys have officially released quarterback Tony Romo, who will become the lead NFL analyst for CBS, it was announced Tuesday. “We wish Tony and his family nothing but the best,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. “As an organization, we did what he asked us to do in terms of his release, and we […]
March Madness is a very popular tradition in many offices and workplaces. So much so that people wager big money on who can create the best bracket. There have even been copycats on everything from which television shows will get more views to which Broadway musical is the favorite. As March Madness is about to […]
If Orange is the New Black, then Podcasts are the New Blogs.  Students today have the unique opportunity to utilize technology to create their own content, and hone their crafts. Blogs could be about anything, and range far from the journalism mentality.  People found a way to express themselves…usually by writing. But people have moved […]
  Meet Jason Barrett… With technology ever present, the sports media world is undergoing great changes.  Have podcasts replaced radio?  If newspapers are shutting down, what happens to the reporters?  Are all these sports networks necessary? And are they being watched? Jason Barrett owns and operates Barrett Sports Media, a full-service sports media consulting company […]
It’s nearly impossible to wing job interviews, especially for the best internships and full-time jobs in marketing. Selling what’s on your résumé is no longer that impressive—you now also have to anticipate and address the assumptions your interviewers will be making about your skills (as well as your gaps). These enhanced expectations call for you […]
If you are interested in pursuing a career in Digital Media, you probably want to know what good you can do with it. In fact, digital media started as a way for government labs to share information between themselves and now it has changed each and every industry. Today, the digital media world is the […]
If you were to take a step back and look at the career landscape of the United States right now, you would see that digital media and everything is encompasses is probably one of the fastest growing areas. It is an arena that is dominated by young people as well, mostly because we have a […]
When you are young, there is a bit of preoccupation and a lack of confidence when you are in the workplace. It happens. As infants, we depend on people for growth, as we are aging there is always something around us to guide us as we go: teachers, coaches, pastors, parents, and friends. In college, […]