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If Orange is the New Black, then Podcasts are the New Blogs.  Students today have the unique opportunity to utilize technology to create their own content, and hone their crafts. Blogs could be about anything, and range far from the journalism mentality.  People found a way to express themselves…usually by writing. But people have moved […]
Many people in this group have great stories about how they are either in the sports world, or want to be.  There are plenty examples of the latter, and often, business leaders look to sports for inspiration.  Warren Buffett may be an expert in the business world, but there’s a great article on Medium that […]
This story is just ominous.  The sports world is ever transforming. Here are some links to show some insight into what has become of the “Worldwide Leader in Sports.” NY Post Article CNN Money Variety There is a prevalent theory that ESPN believes the brand is stronger than the broadcasters who built it.  Many ESPN […]
  Meet Jason Barrett… With technology ever present, the sports media world is undergoing great changes.  Have podcasts replaced radio?  If newspapers are shutting down, what happens to the reporters?  Are all these sports networks necessary? And are they being watched? Jason Barrett owns and operates Barrett Sports Media, a full-service sports media consulting company […]