So many people look back fondly (and not so fondly) on their times as interns.  I have been an intern so many times and have quite a few interesting stories to share – but that’s for another time. I interned at WFAN in 1994, and the guy who runs it is the father of Mike […]
If Orange is the New Black, then Podcasts are the New Blogs.  Students today have the unique opportunity to utilize technology to create their own content, and hone their crafts. Blogs could be about anything, and range far from the journalism mentality.  People found a way to express themselves…usually by writing. But people have moved […]
Many people in this group have great stories about how they are either in the sports world, or want to be.  There are plenty examples of the latter, and often, business leaders look to sports for inspiration.  Warren Buffett may be an expert in the business world, but there’s a great article on Medium that […]
This story is just ominous.  The sports world is ever transforming. Here are some links to show some insight into what has become of the “Worldwide Leader in Sports.” NY Post Article CNN Money Variety There is a prevalent theory that ESPN believes the brand is stronger than the broadcasters who built it.  Many ESPN […]
  Meet Jason Barrett… With technology ever present, the sports media world is undergoing great changes.  Have podcasts replaced radio?  If newspapers are shutting down, what happens to the reporters?  Are all these sports networks necessary? And are they being watched? Jason Barrett owns and operates Barrett Sports Media, a full-service sports media consulting company […]
  We’ve stressed it over and over again: the in stadium experience of fans is so important to any sports franchise. It doesn’t matter how good your team it, it doesn’t matter how great your facilities are, nor does it matter how much publicity and marketing you do. If you cannot get your fans there […]
One of the most important things a sports franchise can do, whether it is a small town softball league or a national team, is branding. Branding allows you to reach more people, create community, and sell products. Some teams are great at this and, even in seasons when they aren’t performing well, they can still […]
  Like in the United States, China is facing an uphill climb in garner star players, enthusiasm, and fans to their soccer clubs. They have spent the big bucks trying to bring more and more appeal to the games and players themselves, but things are accelerating slowly. This article from CNBC Sports suggests that China […]