How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You in the Sports Industry

How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You in the Sports Industry


How to Convince an Employer to Take a Chance on You in the Sports Industry


You know if you can just get your foot in the door, if you can just prove yourself, you’ll be one of the best workers they’ve ever seen. For many people who want to get a career in an industry that is incredibly competitive, they have to get lucky.

But for many people, luck isn’t enough. They want to know that they can get out there and succeed. It takes guts:

Writing a cover letter, wearing your best interview clothing, and rehearsing your answers isn’t enough – you have to be convincing and convicted in everything you are saying.

Here are a few tips to get your foot in the door of the sports industry:

Don’t Draw Attention to The Things You Lack

If you want someone to take a chance on you, you have to convince that hiring manager that you are going to be a good fit for the job. The very first thing you have to do is not bring up the things you are lacking. So many people try to apologize for their lack of skills or experience when they don’t have to do that.
Don’t say something like:

“While I haven’t worked in the sports industry before…”

That just brings the person’s attention to the fact that you haven’t worked in the sports industry and that there could be people who are move qualified.
Instead, focus your cover letter on the experience you do have.

Highlight Your Unique Qualities

At the same time, you are camouflaging your problem areas, you have to highlight why you think you are a great fit for the role.
For example, you might have history doing management roles at a retail location and not in the sports industry. That’s fine! Experience is experience and hiring managers will see it as such. Think about all you did during your role – from communication to time management to team management to payroll – whatever it is, and highlight it.
An even more important thing is focusing on the attributes that will make you uniquely qualified. Maybe it is your passion, maybe your history, maybe you wrote your senior thesis on the a unique look at the industry. Anything that can set you apart will be good in the long run.

Take Risks

If you aren’t as qualified as some of the other people being interviewed (here’s a tip: you won’t be), you need to take risks that will make you stand out.
Note that those risks won’t always pay off.
Some of the risks you can take include having a strange resume, adding something unique to your cover letter, or just wearing something that is a little off kilter. Maybe that means a bright pair of shoes or a novelty tie. Some people will like it and others done.
Make sure you toe the line and don’t push it too much, or you can blow your chances. If you can shift the boldness to be in your favor, then you might make even more of an impact. Submit a project proposal with your cover letter or bring plans for a marketing strategy to your interview – they’ll be impressed and you’ll get the job.

Do What You Have to Do

If you are trying to get a job in a highly competitive industry, you have to do everything correctly. You can’t afford to have spelling mistakes on your resume, copy and paste everything and miss the company’s name, and showing up on time. It also means sending a thank you note, reaching out to the company if you haven’t heard back, and applying a second time if you see the job go back up.

These are all of the thing you are supposed to do, so they will be expected. Even the smallest flaw or mix-up can remove you from the process.
Landing a job in the sports industry is tough. You have to be at the top of your game and have some tricks up your sleeve. If you do all of the above well, the hiring manager just might take a chance on you.