How Digital Media Has Changed the World

How Digital Media Has Changed the World


How Digital Media Has Changed the World


If you are interested in pursuing a career in Digital Media, you probably want to know what good you can do with it. In fact, digital media started as a way for government labs to share information between themselves and now it has changed each and every industry. Today, the digital media world is the pulse point of almost everything else.

The ALEX AND ANI Director of Digital Marketing, Shivika Sinha, shares her perspective:

So how has digital media changed the world – and how can you change the world with a digital media career?

Digital Media Changed Politics

Every nation has a set of politics that governs the people, some are more equal than others in that regard. For the longest time, money was the main push in politics and it still is in some ways. However, digital media has provided the common person the ability to interact with politics on a different level.
Today, politicians have to be careful with what they do as it can spread quickly around the internet. Politicians can also use digital media to crowdfund directly, putting themselves out there for people to engage with.
To get a career in digital media in politics, you have to be ready to interact with large numbers of people and zero in on political and public opinions.

Digital Media Changed The Entertainment Industry

Digital media has become the foremost way that people gain entertainment. If you are considering a career in digital media with a focus on the entertainment industry, you have to be ready for everything. People consume their digital media on phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and things we haven’t even thought of yet. Millions of people are on the internet for hours and hours each day.
Entertainment has become more a social experience than ever before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be with people to do it – digital media and social media go hand in hand.
Digital media has replaced the fan clubs as a way to bring people together. Video games in particular have been changed by digital media.
You also have to consider websites like YouTube as a way to combine digital media and the entertainment industry.

Digital Media Changed Commerce

Digital media has really made everything we do feel like a big marketplace. Someone in Chicago can create content for a website in Madrid fairly easily. Someone in London can design the graphics for a client in Tokyo and they don’t have to fly there. In a way, it has made the world come together. Companies have the options of hiring people who work from home, people are freelancers, and even have an entirely telecommuting workplace. All of these careers are possible, in part, thanks to digital media. These chances will continue to grow and more and more companies adopt flexible workspaces.

The world is continuing to grow and change and the internet is only getting more powerful. This means that a career in digital media means that you have a career that will consistently change and grow as well. It also means that you will have more opportunities to grow. There is a growing emphasis on universal access to the internet as well internet freedom, which will lead to changes. The only thing you can do now is learn and grow with each and every trend.