Why You Should Embrace Your Fears in Your Career

Why You Should Embrace Your Fears in Your Career

Why You Should Embrace Your Fears in Your Career


Sometimes we have to make career moves that frighten us – it happens to the best of us. Maybe you interviewed and got the job that you were using as a “reach” job and now you aren’t sure if you will be able to cope. Maybe you will be given the opportunity to advance and you aren’t sure if you can handle it. Whatever it is, you have to make sure that you embrace your fears in your career instead of running away from them.

Daniel J Rush, Vice President of Global Sports and Events Sales at MGM Resorts International did just that – he says he was skeptical about moving from a career he knew and loved, but now he reaps the rewards:

You will NEVER be expected to be completely comfortable in your job when you start. Instead, it is expected that you will go in with previous knowledge and grow and nurture your skillset.

How do you know if you are ready to take on a career path that scares you?

Do you want to fulfil your potential?

If you are always aiming at where you are, you are never going to go any higher. Apply for jobs that you might not qualify for every single facet. You won’t be wasting someone’s time if you truly think you can give to the company.  Of course, you have to be competent and confident in most of the job – don’t apply to be a nurse if you were an English major and never set up an IV. Still, there should be a few areas that you haven’t mastered just yet.

Don’t let your fear put you off of a position – embrace it and use it as a driving for your work. You have found a job that you are passionate about enough to want to write a cover letter, you know what you are capable of doing, and if you aren’t there yet, you still may have the chance to grow.

You will NEVER know unless you try.

Be confident in your abilities and you will be able to always aim above where you are – and you will never stop growing and becoming better. In a few months or years, you will be overqualified for the job you currently have and you can keep moving onward.

Do you want to move outside of your comfort zone?

You need to move outside of your comfort zone so that you don’t become one of those zombies that just go to work, do nothing special, and then go home.

Take that fear and take a risk – and you will move immediately beyond your comfort zone.

If you don’t become nervous when you are interviewed, when you go to accept, or when you walk into work, you aren’t aiming high enough. If you arrive and are completely comfortable, you have undersold yourself and you might feel like you need to look for another position much more quickly.

Embrace whatever apprehensiveness you have and open yourself up to new challenges. During these times, you will be making yourself into a new worker, a new thinker, and a new person.

Whenever you go to make a personal transformation, you are going to face the pressures, fears, and anxieties that so many before you have felt. Those who go further in their careers are those that have felt them multiple times.

In order to fly, we have to be willing to take off.