How to Gain Confidence in Your Workplace

How to Gain Confidence in Your Workplace


How to Gain Confidence in Your Workplace


When you are young, there is a bit of preoccupation and a lack of confidence when you are in the workplace. It happens.

As infants, we depend on people for growth, as we are aging there is always something around us to guide us as we go: teachers, coaches, pastors, parents, and friends. In college, those bonds become even stronger when we move away from our parents. Then we show up at work and we don’t have anyone around us to hold our hands.

Somehow in the business world we are expected to do so much when we don’t have a lot of experience. Often times our instincts are right but we second guess them to the point where we don’t get anything done. This can make up look incompetent in the workforce.

Having confidence in our work and in gut instincts is critical to being successful.

Krystal Lavenne, Host and Interviewer on CBS Radio also highlights the importance of confidence:

1. Broadcast Your Success

It is okay to brag a little bit and let people know that you are doing okay. Don’t do it to the point where you are annoying, but posting a major win on Facebook or telling someone you work with can help you to build confidence. Not only that, but it will increase the confidence of others in your work.
Eventually, you won’t have to broadcast your success because others will do it for you.

2. Be Confident from the Start

Your confidence in yourself has to start as soon as you are assigned a task. Let people know that you will successfully complete whatever they give you and then start doing it. By voicing your goals, you are gaining confidence and giving yourself a goal. Speaking it aloud will build credibility with others as well who might then go the extra mile to help you get there.
Note: you actually do have to finish the work for this approach to be successful.

3. Don’t Let Criticism Get You Down

It is going to happen, whether you can handle it or not. Criticism isn’t supposed to push you down or cause you to question yourself. Do not let it change you. Instead, put in the work to fix whatever happened. Even better, do not let it bread anger or resentment inside of you. When you are first starting out, criticism will help you to grow and become the person you want to be.

4. Speak Your Mind

Of course, you have to have a filter when it comes to work, but you don’t always have to hold your tongue. At meetings, feel free to chime in with whatever comes to your mind. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to voice it, even if people look at you like you’re weird. When you state your view at a meeting and get a positive response, you will gain confidence exponentially.

5. Train Yourself

Personal training can help you to build up the confidence that you need because it goes right to your head and your heart. If you feel like you don’t have the skills that other people do, then you can take the proper steps to get there. Find courses, read books, go to a seminar, or do whatever you can to help your feelings of inadequacy.

6. Roleplay Your Day

If all else fails, try to imagine what your day, your meeting, or your presentation will be like and act it out. It worked for so many people in middle school and high school when we had to do presentations, so it should work for you now. If anything, it will allow you to hear yourself speaking and give you the grace of time to make changes.

7. Smile

Having a smile on your face will trick others into thinking you are more competent than you actually are. Not only that, but you will experience a change in attitude in the people that work with you. From there, you will be able to implement all of these strategies.