How to Get Ahead in Digital Media in 3 Simple Steps

How to Get Ahead in Digital Media in 3 Simple Steps

How to Get Ahead in Digital Media in 3 Simple Steps


If you were to take a step back and look at the career landscape of the United States right now, you would see that digital media and everything is encompasses is probably one of the fastest growing areas. It is an arena that is dominated by young people as well, mostly because we have a knack for it thanks to not really knowing a world without computers.

Every company has a digital media team – from NFL teams to fashion lines. It is a crucial part of brand strategies Trying to get ahead in a malleable industry is difficult and it takes a lot of work, because a lot of the things you will have to do will have to come from inside of your brain and from your passion. Take for example, the guidance that Shivika Sinha, Director of Digital Marketing and ALEX AND ANI has to offer:

Let’s break it down a little more:

Read and Learn

Education is really coming out as a theme throughout any industry. You have to be willing to put in the work to get ahead. For many people, this means reading books, reading blogs, and reading studies. You will find concrete evidence of things that work if you do. Make notes while you read, highlight pages, and even snap photos of it. You did all of this during college for a course that would be over at the end of the semester, so why not do it for your job?
Still, there are other ways to learn. Talk to people who have been in the business longer, watch interviews with people who have been successful (you’ve already done that with the above video!), and be cognizant of the world around you. Everything is a lesson if you make it so.


People have to know your name, it’s that simple. When you start an internship, meet everyone you can. Introduce yourself, work on your elevator speech, and have a good handshake. Do work that is remembered for the right reasons. Even more importantly, keep your LinkedIn updated, because it is something that people will check.
Networking doesn’t only have to be done at the office. Since digital media is in every single industry, everywhere you go is a chance for networking. If you are at dinner and meet someone, there’s a chance. If you are at the bar and meet someone in the bathroom, that’s a chance for networking. Make sure to always have your best self on when you are out and about.

Be Bold

Probably the worst thing you can do when you look to get into a growing and changing field like digital media is to play it safe. The smart thing to do is to work with all that you have from the first two in order to make something that is truly innovative and different.
If you are interested in going into digital media, you have to ready and willing to absorb everything and put it to work. Don’t just rest on tradition or what has already been done – you won’t be able to truly excel in digital media if you do that. After all, digital media is going to keep changing and you have to be ready for the next big thing.