Go Above and Beyond At Work – And Get Noticed Immediately

Go Above and Beyond At Work – And Get Noticed Immediately


Go Above and Beyond At Work – And Get Noticed Immediately


One of the biggest tips you can give someone for life is to go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether you are in school, you are working, or you are just doing something in your community. It is very rare that you will find someone disappointed that you decided to do more than you needed to.

Shubha Shukla, the Director of NFL League and Team Marketing and FanDuel suggests that you go above and beyond no matter what you are doing as well:

Doing what you need to do and nothing else might make you keep your job, but know that someone somewhere else is excelling and they will be chosen for a promotion or a raise.

Here are five tips that will keep you rising above the rest:

Don’t Just Think of An Idea – Figure Out How to Do it

Good ideas are great, but you need to do more to stand above the rest. A good idea that cannot be implemented is worth about as much as the piece of paper you wrote it on. Once you come up with an award-winning idea, you should start brainstorming how to do it as well.

Of course you aren’t going to have all of the answers, and of course things are going to change. Still, take your idea and expand upon it. Think of how everyone on your team can contribute.

Once your plan is accepted by your coworkers, you might be placed at the front of the group. This is when you have to look at any possible problems that could pop up and find out how to fix them before they come up.

Think Ahead of the Crowd

Sure, people love to work with someone who is there with them. Still, thinking ahead is one of the best attributes a worker can have. If you know you are getting new software at work, look up online some of the basics so that you can help others learn. If you are moving offices, learn the new layout of the office before you go there.

Learn how to do something much more quickly than you did it before, from moving and shifting product to editing websites. Your manager or boss will notice this and ask you to explain how you did it – and they will be impressed.

Keep Helping Everyone

One of the simplest things you can do in an office is offer to help. If someone doesn’t know how the copier works, help them out. If someone is having trouble with their email, be the one to talk them through the password reset problem. There is no job that is too small for you to do.

One of the best things you can do is take a menial task off someone’s hands. For example, you might not know how to help someone with a data report, but you might be able to grab a coffee for him so that he doesn’t have to break up his morning.

When you do little things for other people, everyone will be cheering you on when you get promoted.

Stop Complaining

This is difficult as we live in an era where complaining feels so good. Coworkers tend to use complaints as a way to bond so that everyone can be miserable together. We vent in the breakroom, in the bathroom, and in the elevator.

Stop complaining. Seriously. Complaining just makes the problems seem bigger, the solutions further away, and it gives you a reputation. Don’t complain to your coworkers. Don’t complain on social media. Try not to complain to your family!

One you have a more positive outlook, you will see that everything isn’t always so bad.

Stay Visible

Many people don’t like to be the center of attention, but if you want to get further, you have to be more visible. If you say your idea quietly and no one hears it, the louder person next to you might take your idea and say it loudly. You won’t get the credit for it.

Email is a great way to stand out if you aren’t a loud person – you can express yourself through a simple cc:.

So many people wonder how they can get ahead and they aren’t doing enough. Simple doing what you have to do isn’t enough to really succeed. If you truly believe that you deserve more, you have to act like it.

Now stop reading and get back to work!