How to Grow Your Work Ethic

How to Grow Your Work Ethic


How to Grow Your Work Ethic


We all have moments when we don’t really feel like working or accomplishing anything. It typically happens when we have a lot to do and feel like we are in a rut.

So how can you improve your work ethic so that you get everything done and you can progress in your field?

First, listen to Shubha Shukla, Director of NFL League and Team Marketing at FanDuel:

Then read on:

Accept That You Will Have to Work

This might seem like it is simple, but you’d be surprised how many people really don’t think that they are going to have to work when they finally get a job.

If you aren’t willing to work as hard as you possibly can, and sometimes even harder than you think you can, then you aren’t giving everything your all. Of course, you have to recognize when something is too big for you, but you also have to

If you can accept that you are going to have to work, you have already fought half of the battle. You will come into work each and every day with a purpose and a drive that many others lack.

Notice How Your Actions Make You Feel

You have to recognize how your actions make you feel. When you actually accomplish something, how do you feel? You are more at ease and you even feel more inclined to take on another job or task.

Now how do you feel when you procrastinate and don’t finish anything? You are less inclined to do anything else, you dread going to work, and you generally feel helpless.

Which path you decide to take will determine whether or not you are successful at work. Remember that inaction leads to failure and action leads to success.

Failure breeds failure and success breeds success, so work toward what you want to be at the end of the day.

Take Responsibility

You have to understand that no one is going to help you unless yourself. No one is going to force you to succeed, though others can help you to fail.

You have to take responsibility for your work load. You don’t want to stand still, you want to grow and push and all of that requires you to make the moves. YOU have to make decisions and start working.

Recognize that no one is coming to rescue you. No one will force you into the flow of action. You must do this for yourself.

Most importantly, do not pass your responsibilities on to other people, or they will succeed while you fall behind.

Start Strong, Finish Strong

Starting your day with focus and a routine will help you to be more successful throughout the rest of the day. Your work ethic has to begin when you do – a lazy start to your day will beget a lazy day.

When you wake up, have a plan for your day. Make it a habit to go to the gym, make a smoothie, read your emails, and actually answer them. If this isn’t something natural for you, it might take some time. A great way to do this is to plan our your mornings minute by minute – you’ll be surprised how much time you have when you don’t plan for rounds of Candy Crush on your phone.

When you start your mornings strong, the rest of the day will be strong as well. It might take some time to set up a pathway, but once it is there, it will be easy.

Keep Your Mornings Busy

The best way to be successful and improve your work ethic? Put your most challenging obstacles at the start of your day. Don’t start with the things that are easy to do, as you will quickly lose focus. Dive into the challenging task you’ve been putting off and embrace the work that comes with it.

This works because not only do you have more time to get something done, but you also won’t fall victim to that afternoon crash. It also doesn’t give you the chance to bump something difficult to the next day, week, or month.

At the end of the day, no matter what career you start, your work ethic is going to be what sets you apart from the rest of the office.