Navigating a New Career Path: How to Blaze Your Own Trail

Navigating a New Career Path: How to Blaze Your Own Trail


Navigating a New Career Path: How to Blaze Your Own Trail


You have finally found your passion, but you have a really big problem – there really isn’t a career or a workplace out there that fits your passion or your talents. So do you push them to the side and just choose a career that will pay the bills?

That isn’t likely going to lead to success.

Shubha Shukla: Director of NFL League and Team Marketing at FanDuel Inc, explains why not:

When you want to do something new and exciting, your pathway isn’t always clear. You have to rely on your smarts, you creativity, and even learn how to accept failure.

If the non-traditional career path seems to be the best way for you to go, you have to navigate it by yourself – but you don’t have to be alone.

Here are three ways to avoid some of the common problems people have when they decide to go their own ways:


From your professors who lament about what you “could have been” to parents who worry about how you are going to pay your rent, there is always going to be someone who tells you that you can’t do something.

Instead of focusing on what they say, keep the people who build up your confidence closer. The people who praise you and allow you to talk without judging you will be your biggest resources.

Of course, you have to learn from those who detract against your career as well. One thing you cannot do is argue with them – you are wasting your energies.

Instead, focus your energy on telling people why you are going to be successful and what you want to do – you’ll surprise everyone.

Money, Honey

Money is, of course, one of the primary concerns for people who need to live. It is possible to live on a lower salary if you are willing to make the sacrifices you need to. For some people, that means working another job while trying to start a new career path. For others it means moving back home to avoid rent.

It isn’t always easy and it isn’t always glamorous, but it works when you make it work. This isn’t going to be for everyone. Sometimes you need to work a full time job to support people, other times you can’t move back home with your parents. You are going to have to navigate the problems in your personal life just like you will have to do so in your professional life.

Stop Doubting Yourself

The biggest problem you’ll have is overcoming your own self doubt, especially when you are just starting. At first, it can feel like your successes aren’t big enough and your failures are too big. You have to celebrate the successes and learn from the failures.

You also have to understand that you are going to make mistakes, because we all do.

At the end of the day, there are enough troubles and triumphs along the road of blazing your own career path that you don’t need to add to your troubles. Keep climbing the ladder and working your way to being what you want to be.