Skills From Sports Can Help You in Your Career

Skills From Sports Can Help You in Your Career

Skills From Sports Can Help You in Your Career


When you are trying to build your career in sports, you might not always start out where you would like. You may know that you like sports or that you enjoy playing them, but you may not think a fulfilling career in sports is possible.

Daniel J. Rush, Vice President of Global Sports and Events Sales at MGM Resorts International, thought the same thing. Check out this video in which he talks about his path to sports – something he thought he’d maybe left behind:

How can you use your skills from sports in a career like this? It might be easier than you think.

Team Mentality

Working on a team is critical in so many different companies, no matter what you do. Even if you are going to be a teacher, you’ll likely be on a team where your success falls on other people. Working in a team is something that very few people learn how to do – and when we do it in school without being on a team, we often have a lot of problems.


Accountability is a big thing in the workplace today, and many people don’t seem to have it. The ability to take the fallout over your actions is a big one when you work with specific companies, especially ones that are high stakes. Showing that you can learn from your mistakes and grow from them in ways that are productive is important. It also shows that you can take criticism, which we will get to next.


At some point, advancement may be on your mind. If you show that you can help others be better and succeed, you might be able to advance much further. Coaching others is a great asset to have, especially in a world where people are used to being coached by people who know what they are doing.

Even better, showing that you have an ability to be coached is key. Many people can get jobs that they might not be the perfect fit for if they are able to show that they can be coached in those positions. If you appear that you already think you know it all, a workplace might think that you are too difficult to work with and will go with someone else.

Want a career in sports? It isn’t going to be as easy to get one as you think. However, if you played sports and learned from those experiences, you will be in a better place when it comes to standing out.


Being an athlete that doesn’t continue into a professional career doesn’t mean that your sports days are over – it just means that they have to change a little bit in scope.