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People are always looking for a way to get ahead in their careers – and quickly. No one wants to sit around and pay their dues for ten years before they get to their dream – that’s why we all went to college, right? In academic meetings and senior seminars, you learn all about how […]
Shubha Shukla, the Director of NFL League and Team Marketing and FanDuel, has some advice for people who feel like they may be stuck in a rut while at work: If you think you fit the qualifications of being “stuck in a rut,” the good news is that there are things you can do. You […]
Merin Guthrie is the CEO at Kit and she has a pretty great piece of advice for anyone who is trying to break into the fashion industry: stop emulating what successful people has done. Seriously: The fashion industry, just like almost every other industry out there, relies on some old traditions to get it through. […]
For many people, they believe that getting into their dream career and/or dream industry is as simple as jumping from a college major into the position that you want to do. However, it is rarely that simple anymore. For a sports related career, you can start almost anywhere and end up where you want to […]
When you are young, there is a bit of preoccupation and a lack of confidence when you are in the workplace. It happens. As infants, we depend on people for growth, as we are aging there is always something around us to guide us as we go: teachers, coaches, pastors, parents, and friends. In college, […]
Internships are an important part of your college education. In fact, 75% of college students will work in one by the time they graduate. Internships are so valuable that they will often lead to jobs in your preferred industry. They can also be a difficult time. You have to grow up really quickly and transition […]