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  There is new technology that can track a full-court basketball game in real time, and it has a chance to completely change how we look at the sport.  The company is called ShotTracker, and they are a startup comprised of sports fans who are in the tech space. Tech Crunch has an overview of […]
A job interview always includes the question “Why do you want to work here?  Why consider the Columbia Sports Course?  Why pursue a Sports Career?” It is a standard question that can have many, many standard answers. However, it is also a question that can send you over the edge and make you the person […]
  Digital Media is uncharted territory that is beginning to get explored by many sporting leagues.  Sports entities are turning to Facebook, Twitter, Google, SnapChat, and countless others to reach fans on a totally different platform that allows them to reach out to fans in personal ways. They get instant feedback on whatever they post. […]
Here are three people who have three vastly different titles, but they all have one thing that threads them together:  They are all sports fans, who entered the sports industry They represent three digital platforms that are rising to the occasion of bringing in fans and keeping them connected: the Golden State Warriors, Major League Soccer, […]
So many people look back fondly (and not so fondly) on their times as interns.  I have been an intern so many times and have quite a few interesting stories to share – but that’s for another time. I interned at WFAN in 1994, and the guy who runs it is the father of Mike […]
People are always looking for a way to get ahead in their careers – and quickly. No one wants to sit around and pay their dues for ten years before they get to their dream – that’s why we all went to college, right? In academic meetings and senior seminars, you learn all about how […]
Shubha Shukla, the Director of NFL League and Team Marketing and FanDuel, has some advice for people who feel like they may be stuck in a rut while at work: If you think you fit the qualifications of being “stuck in a rut,” the good news is that there are things you can do. You […]
For many people, they believe that getting into their dream career and/or dream industry is as simple as jumping from a college major into the position that you want to do. However, it is rarely that simple anymore. For a sports related career, you can start almost anywhere and end up where you want to […]